Layer Up Gentlemen, It’s Cold Out!

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Brunello Cucinelli Gino Vest

It’s cold outside, but your office has got the heat cranked up. The way to dress for this kind of weather is layering.

On the weekends it’s all about leaving a few buttons undone and shirts un-tucked. Putting your favorite sweater on top of your favorite tee, and topping it off with a denim jacket.

For work, you can’t beat the Barbour vests available at J. Crew or directly from Barbour. They are quilted to keep you warm but thin enough to layer over a dress shirt, under a sport coat or over a sweater. They look so good you can even leave it on indoors if you still feel a chill.

If you don’t own one already branch out and get yourself a “cardigan”. Or let’s just call it a button-down sweater for those looking for a more masculine term. Layer it over a shirt and tie for the office, or wear it with jeans and t-shirt on the weekends. Add a scarf. It doesn’t have to be snowing to necessitate wearing a scarf. It will keep the chill off your neck and add another dimension to your layered look.

How much is too much when it comes to layering? You’ll know when you get there. If you’re not comfortable you’ve gone too far. Start with thinner layers first otherwise you’ll end up looking like the Michelin Man.

 -Nicola Harrison Ruiz*

 *Nicola Harrison Ruiz is the Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle Editor at DOWNTOWN Magazine. She is also the founder of Harrison Style – a men’s style consulting business. If you want to take your style up a notch, you can find her at Or email at


Barbour Vest, J. Crew, $179 


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