Kosaka: A Japanese Gem In The West Village



Living in Battery Park, whether you like it or not, everyone knows your dogs name. Over the past 16 years I’ve met pretty much everyone with a dog just walking outside of my building on the beautiful scenic Esplanade. About 11 years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Key and his beautiful dog. Over the past 10 years a quick hello nod of our head and off we went to continue on our pleasant walk. This past spring, same walk but this time a quick conversation with an invitation to a tasting at his recent venture, Kosaka.

Recently my dear friend and I, had the pleasure of dining at Kosaka, as located at 220 W. 13th Street in the West Village. From the minute you walk into this lovely zen space, with just 10 seats at the neatly-designed sushi bar, you feel like you are being welcomed into not just another Japanese restaurant but rather into one’s home. After a polite Japanese welcome comes upon entry from the small but efficient staff, you are ready to start this two-hour-plus culinary adventure.

Yoshihiko Kousaka, a Michelin star-rated chef for the past 10 years, with accolades to numerous to mention, woos many sushi enthusiasts as Executive Chef at his namesake restaurant Kosaka in the West Village.

A culinary chef, entrepreneur, baker and consultant and long-time friend of Mihyun Han is the GM and the culinary vision behind Kosaka.

Together, Tuesday through Saturday, they showcase their individual talents of fresh fish flown in each day from Japan. Chef Kousaka believes in using the finest and authentic ingredients in his delectable meals. Mihyun’s exceptional management and eye for beauty and perfection make this hidden gem one of the best to come along in quite some time.

Every bite is yet another culinary adventure, freshness I have not had the pleasure of enjoying from many of the Japanese restaurants in and around downtown. This was as close as you can get to Japan, and after more than two hours there, we still wanted more of Chef Kousaka’s delectable creations.

Downtown gives Kosaka a “must try” for this newcomer with deep Japanese roots.


1. Amuse Bouche – Mixed Fruit (Strawberry, Blueberry, Apple, Grapes), Tofu Paste, Fresh Kiwi Sauce IMG_0711

2. Zensain – Wagyu Beef with Balsamic, Eel & Edamame Egg (Tamago), Marinated Fresh Oyster. IMG_0712

3. Sashimi – Lean Tuna, Sweet Jumbo Shrimp, Red Snapper, Amberjack, Mackerel. Fresh wasabi. IMG_0715

4. Yakimono – Grilled lobster with Uni Miso Yaki Sauce, Baby Shrimp Salt and Dijon. IMG_0720

5. Agemono – Soft Shell Crab with Salsa Sauce, Pollack Roe Sauce. IMG_0725

6. Shimaaji, Striped JackIMG_07287. Seared fish, partially-raw flamed with blowtorch to enhance the depth of this Alaskan King SalmonIMG_0733

8. Otoro, Fatty TunaIMG_0739

9. Hokkaido Uni, Sea UrchinIMG_0744

10. Katsuo, Skipjack TunaIMG_0747

11. Anago, Sea Eel IMG_0749

12. White and Red Bean Miso Soup with Manila Clam.IMG_0751

13. Dessert – White Bean Mochi IMG_0754

14. Sunomono – Akami Lean Tuna with Avocado, Lettuce, Seaweed with Vinegar Jelly, Goma Ponzu, Yam Potato.

Grace A. Capobianco 


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