Former Maxim editor and innovative marketing force, Keith Blanchard is expanding his media influence with the publication of his second book, Johnny Appleseed, A Novel.

This is Blanchard’s second novel. His first, The Deed, about the controversial question of ownership of the Island of Manhattan was published during his days at Maxim.

In keeping with Blanchard’s roguish history, the new book is generating  controversy with it’s provocative themes involving anti-corporate marijuana traffickers.

According the the official book summary:

Johnny Appleseed is the tale of a group of merry pranksters who live off the grid—no credit cards, no cellphones—and travel the country, selling marijuana for cash and living it up in the shadow of their charismatic leader, Johnny Appleseed, who has something of the miraculous about him. But when Johnny steals the fiancee of a powerful but deranged Baptist preacher on the way through Memphis, all hell breaks loose, as the preacher feels like this is a sign from God, and drops off the grid to give chase and bring Johnny to justice. With the Feds closing in as well, the hijinks get increasingly hairier in this fun but complex story of love, betrayal, injustice and murder. Johnny Appleseed explores the growing tension of resisting a societal “system” that’s increasingly hostile to resistance of any kind. The human drama and sexual tension playing out within Johnny’s gang is set against the backdrop of a titanic struggle between two charismatic individuals: one a fearless outlaw king, the other a hellfire Baptist preacher bent on his destruction.

“I became fascinated with a concept I call ‘the Grid’: the way government, corporations, and journalists are conspiring, consciously and unconsciously, to run and track everything in a single system,” says Blanchard. “Has our science fiction taught us nothing? It’s fundamental to humans that we resist such systems, however safe and sensible they might seem. This is why we had to get ourselves kicked out of the Garden of Eden…it was our destiny. So this is a book about a group of people daring to resist the system, and what they have to go through to establish a Resistance and keep it alive.”

The book is also unique and innovative, in the sense that the author is giving it away for free…one day at a time. Every day another page goes up…you can catch up once a week, or every day, or come back to it. Every day a tweet goes out when the pages go up. (from ) And if you ever get tired of waiting for the next page, you can buy the whole book in one go!

From men’s mags to marketing initiatives to innovative fiction, Blanchard continues to blaze new media trails.

Mike Hammer

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