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Half the fun of a Birchbox? Opening it up. The possibilities are endless, much like our excitement.  But the other half of the fun? Trying out each sample sized item! It’s such a prime way to try out brands you may have never heard of without the commitment of buying a full sized item. It’s the first date without the lingering fear of a second or third. A chance to get your feet wet before making a splash. Analogies aside, from the items inside, to the aesthetics of the boxes exterior, the June Box welcomed the summer holistically with some of the best picks!

The boxes exterior is simple with hues of darker purple transitioning into lilac then faded into deep yellow, reminiscent of the gradient summer skies upon sunset. Completed with a logo that resonates in the minds of everyone upon this season ‘adventure is a state of mind.’ You know that summer feeling? The oceanic, warm breeze, school’s out, salty and fruity tropical combo with a touch of gritty hair and a hint of hazy? If beauty products connoted personality, the contents of the June box shout beach bum.

Let’s unbox the June Birchbox!

Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water: Dermatologist tested, this makeup remover removes impurities, while toning and brightening. The over production of oil on our faces this summer is inevitable, but by dispensing some of the product onto a cotton ball, you’ll remove surface oils that tend to clog pores. AND, it lacks parabens, sulfates, and artificial perfumes, so our sensitive-skinned sisters are in good hands.

Marcelle Waterproof EyelinerIf summer is about adventure, then we tend to think of heading to mysterious places and engaging in thrilling activities. This pencil invokes that adventurous feeling with a shade titled ‘blue lagoon’. A true, rich and creamy blue shade thats sure to remind you of the depths of oceans. It’s perfect for your day or night time makeup routine, just apply a stroke to your water line for a pop of color or use above the lash line for a playful wing.

Temple Spa Good Hair Day ShampooUse and lather your hair with the shampoo to protect from heat damage, both artificial and natural. Long summer days with the sun’s penetration  on your strands can have an impact.  While the In Good Condition Conditioner: is sure to tame the frizz and inflation from the heat, as well as managing pesky fly-aways.

TOCCA Eau de Parfum, Bianca: With notes of Bergamot, Lavender, Mandarin, Lemon, Rose Petals, Sugar, Jasmine, and others, this blend of scents give off a very clean, citrusy, and feminine scent.

Pura Vida Lace HeadbandThis pastel blue headband is perfect for all your summer outdoor activities. Whether you’re playing beach volleyball or your long strands just aren’t cooperating after they’ve been saturated in the salty water at the beach – this headbands super stretchy material is just what you’ll need. Or, alternately, use it during your nightly skincare routine to firmly keep your baby hairs back when cleansing and exfoliating. Fun fact:Pura Vida  donates a fraction of their profits to support charities in  favor of ocean conservation!

‘A surprise inside’ is the essence of a Birchbox and after sampling their picks, you may even develop a love for a product and consider it holy grail. A monthly subscription gives you the power to introduce yourself to thousands of brands. Facilitating your endeavors down daunting beauty aisles and the realm of online shopping.

By: Yasmine Rimawi