Julien Farel on Dennis Basso New York Fashion Week 2020

Julien Farel on Dennis Basso New York Fashion Week 2020
Julien Farel by Alice Teeple

New York Fashion Week brings the love of runway shows, backstage with the designers, celebrity hairstylists, makeup teams and NYC’s media at its best with compelling photography!


Julien Farel on Dennis Basso New York Fashion Week 2020
Dennis Basso NYFE 2020 by Alice Teeple


We had the opportunity to go backstage with Denniss Basso and his righthand celebrity hairstylist Julien Farel.

Check out our Q&A with Julien Farel and stunning photos by our very own Alice Teeple.


Julien Farel on Dennis Basso New York Fashion Week 2020
Dennis Basso NYFW 2020 by Alice Teeple


DTM: This is not new to you working NYFW, what was so special about last night?

JF: Working with Dennis Basso for 3 seasons and sharing the vision for hair instead of being dictated to is always a major plus. His collection reflects the happiness of the Bardot twist flair.

DTM: How does one plan hairstyles before NYFW, and what is the process? 

JF: We have a collection look 1st. Dennis Basso releases the collection teaser and then comes the model looks, finally the celebrity looks etc…we then have a rehearsal with Dennis Basso. Next, the Dennis Basso team shares a video with the Julien Farel team making a video with a step by step process. Each of Julien Farel’s tech-stylists will have a try-on. It’s a process, but necessary to minimize mistakes at showtime.

DTM: How much do you collaborate with the designer and how far in advance do you work before the actual show? 

JF: Dennis Basso along with his design team and I work hand-in-hand to create the show’s look-book as well, as perfecting the overall show’s look and timing so everything is scheduled down to the minute.


Dennis Basso & Lisa Rinna NYFW 2020 by Alice Teeple


 DTM: What was your favorite hairstyle this year and why? 

JF: The Bardot twist because I am French! We used a wet look using R&CO products to style.  

 DTM: You and your wife Suelyn have known Dennis for many years, tell us something that our readers will find interesting about working with Dennis?

 JF: He has a big heart, he’s funny, precise, he cares, and he shares our vision of perfection and always wants to be on the top at all times. He’s always striving to. He’s an entertainer and artist. He’s amazing to work with as he completely leaves creative freedom of the hair to us and trusts me 200%.

Julien Farel on Dennis Basso New York Fashion Week 2020
Dennis Basso NYFW 2020 by Alice Teeple

DTM: Julien, you are so talented, as are the people who work for you, at the Julien Farel Restore Salon and Spa, the decor is lovely, and your salon is always buzzing with the who’s who of New York and beyond, is there anything that you would like to share with our readers?

JF: Only 4 words, Love, Give, Respect and Gratitude. As this country gave me everything, my work, my wife, children, and my life – I am forever grateful.  I came to the US in 1992 speaking no English, knowing no one and with no money. I slept on the floor of a French photographer’s apartment in Brooklyn for months and months. I trusted America and I knew if I worked hard – this country would do the rest. New York is the best city in the world, and the best country and I will forever feel indebted.

Julien Farel on Dennis Basso New York Fashion Week 2020
Julien Farel by Downtown Magazine

JF: My next mission is to help rejuvenate and restore hair. Julien Farel “restore” our non-foaming shampoo keeps your hair healthy for the rest of your life.

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