Ladies, we’ve all reached that point where we’re so tired and overworked that we’ve dozed off right on top of the paper mound on our desk… or maybe even our keyboard. It happens! And although we feel your pain, we’re also here to tell you that those face marks aren’t doing you any justice at the office. Fortunately, Jill Martin’s new book, The Weekend Makeover, gives you a 48-hour makeover routine that will make you feel rejuvenated again without the guilt of missing a day at work.


Sports and newscaster Jill Martin branches out into books.

The quirky publication is packed with advice on how to look better, feel better and get organized with a series of anecdotes and clever illustrations – a fun and easy read for the busy modern career woman. The Relaxation Makeover, Romance Makeover, Clutter Makeover, and Refrigerator Detox Makeover are some of the routines Martin talks about to help you upgrade your stressful lifestyle.

But Martin doesn’t stop there; the Emmy-Award winning TV personality, who has long been involved in womens’ well being and fashion consulting, is also launching The Martin Project, a new line of closet organizers that are being sold exclusively at QVC. The line includes hexagonal rotating hanging closet organizers, mini mannequin tabletop jewelry holders, print canvas shoe bags, and little black dress jewelry organizers, to name a few pieces (and they all come in fun, adorable prints!).

Jill Martin's new book, The Weekend Makeover.

Jill Martin’s new book, The Weekend Makeover.

For a firsthand look at her darling collection, tune in to QVC on Friday, April 12 at 8:00 p.m. for Jill Martin’s Minute Closet Makeover. To shop the line, visit QVC.

Jill Martin is best known for her fashion segments on the Today show, her New York Times best-selling style guides I Have Nothing to Wear! and Style for Dummies, her work as a contributing editor to People Magazine’s Stylewatch, and her sports reporting for the New York Knicks.

–Alina Heim