When it comes to Japanese cuisine, most people think of sushi and sake, but New York is about the get a dose of how Japan does desserts.

Matsunosuke, a Tokyo-based bakery, is making its U.S. debut in Greenwich Village, Real Estate Weekly reports. Matsunosuke’s most notable treats are their six different apple pies, New York cheesecake and scones. Matsunosuke also offers seasonal pies: lemon, chocolate, pecan and banana cream.


One of Matsunoke’s famous apple pies,
will be landing in Greenwich Village this

Matsunosuke founder, Akiko Hirano (left) found late-blooming success as a Japanese housewife with aspirations to study culinary arts in the US at the age of 45. After earning her degree, she opened chains of cafés, cooking schools and flagship stores in various locations in Japan that carry Hirano’s seasonal pies, cakes, and other sweets. She published her book American Cake from a Housewife Who Studied Abroad which detailed her education and experience in the American culinary world. A collection of bestselling cookbooks are also under this baker’s belt.


Akiko Hirano, founder of Matsunosuke,
is bringing Japanese apple pie to
Greenwich Village.

Hirano’s Café Rhinebeck claims the title of serving “Kyoto’s best pancakes,” with her spin on the all-American dish creatively influenced by her culinary arts professor, Cheryl Jean. The Matsunosuke brand gained recognition and demand, becoming featured in Japanese branches of Dean & Deluca in 2003.

Now, Hirano is taking her act to the Big Apple, the site of her inspiration. Originally expected to open this spring, Matsunosuke announced on their site a summer grand opening.

Matsunosuke will open at 58 W. 8th St., nr. 6th Ave.