New York City is a walking art museum and populated with the best exhibits. People around the globe come to see small artists and well-known like Pablo Picasso painting Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. Pop up museums are placed in unusual locations in NYC, and Jack Resnick & Sons are creating one in their lobby at 315 Hudson Street.

This complex is a distinctive class A property located in the heart of New York’s vigorous Hudson Square neighborhood. Jack Resnick & Sons have been a significant force in the city’s dynamic commercial real estate market. The firm has the passion and detail in creating complete environments: from a building’s foundation to the art the lobby entrances.

The museum is open to the general public, features works entitled “E Pluribus” by British-born visual artist Muriel Stockdale, and “Reef” by Brooklyn-based light sculptor Jason Krugman. Both art pieces are currently on display in the lobby at Resnick’s.

Muriel Stockdale “E Pluribus”

When guests enter the space, they will encounter eight handcrafted American flag tapestries on each side of the lobby. Plus, they will see 10-by-10 LED bright, colorful light installation behind the lobby desk. Stockdale’s inspiring flags are the first of the building’s rotating installation, while “Reef” is Krugman’s first permanent piece in Manhattan.

Jason Krugman “Reef”

Krugman has other artwork at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), The New Museum, the New York Hall of Science and others. He is known for his innovative use of LED light and custom circuitry. In his newest work, “Reef” features 840 silicon bronze reflectors that redirect light from the sculpture’s LEDs, creating vibrant and lively splashes of color. This dazzling color resembles tropical fishes to given a flourishing environment.

Muriel Stockdale “E Pluribus”

“Our art exhibition is a perfect complement for our new lobby, which was designed to be modern, interactive and dynamic,” said Jonathan Resnick, President of Jack Resnick & Sons. “Jason’s hanging LED mobile will to inspire our creative and technical tenants and visitors, and Muriel’s flag mosaics are incredibly inspiring, and speak to the rich diversity and fabric of our country.”

Jack Resnick & Sons wants anyone who enters one of their building to feel like a museum and be in a place of luxury. From the photos, Downtown can believe their lobby on 315 Hudson Street is a work of art!

Photo Courtesy: Bjorg Magnea