Introducing DNA11- A Company That Makes Art Form Your DNA




When it moves toward interior design, you like to add a few extra objects in your room except furnishings to seem gorgeous. You add flowers, abstract arts, and cling artwork on your walls. They add the more contact required to make your room distinctive


However, what if you wish to add something extraordinary? What if you cling to a portrait of yours, but other human beings won’t appreciate that it’s you the first time they see it? What if you desire to cling a portrait of something special to you different than your face


Then DNA 11 makes an excellent answer for you. With customization to a level never guessed before, surprise your friends by showing art that can be observed nowhere but in your home.


What is DNA11?


DNA11 is a leading company that turns your DNA sample into artwork. Established in 2005, the founders Adrian Salamunovic and Nazim Ahmed have been obsessed with creating, designing, and creating the most personalized art. Ahmed has a genetic background, and Salamunovic has specialized in design.


They have come together to generate an elegant form of artwork made using science and design. You can buy and personalize your DNA portrait from their website.


What are DNA Portraits?


DNA portraits are an outstanding form of art. They are built to be made completely for you, and no two prints of two special persons can never be the same. Whenever you place an order for your DNA art, DNA 11 delivers you a package to collect your DNA sample.



It is an easy, painless process, you need to swab the interior of your cheek, and they will have all that they require to create your DNA portrait. Then you will have a range of options stored earlier than you. You can select the style, size, color, and frame from a listing of opportunities with no limit.


How is a DNA Art Created?


You don’t need to freeze while smiling for the portrait; you don’t need to pose for long hours anymore. All you require to do is collect just a few cells from your cheek, painlessly, utilizing the swab provided, and go away on an FTA card provided in the DNA collection kit. It comprises a chemical that releases the DNA from the swab and then traps it in the card and stabilizes it for storage.

After you transport your DNA sample to DNA11, they send it to their labs with a barcode to protect privacy. The lab technicians then evaluate the DNA for uncommon genome placements. As a result of the procedure, portions of DNA of one-of-a-kind sizes are constructed, making your unique portrait. It is a biological visual created by the usage of digital methods.

Accordingly, they stain the DNA and vicinity it on an ultraviolet crate. This illuminates the DNA, and a digital digicam, therefore, captures the image.


After that arrives the designing process; when you place an order for the portrait, you can personalize your DNA artwork with an infinite variety of probabilities. After the picture of your DNA is captured, it is taken to the architects. They modify the portrait to meet your choices of color, size, and saturation.

One cool problem for customization is selecting the frame you want for your portrait and its thickness. You can pay a few bucks on adding a top-rate nicest wood frame. You can moreover add your signature if you pay a few greater bucks. A special card will be enclosed in the DNA collection container, the place you can vicinity your signature. They will add it to the lower-right corner of the portrait. You can also get hold of a digital representation of your portrait that you can use as your wallpaper or for numerous other purposes.


After the remaining plan is built, the portrait is printed onto a poly-cotton canvas using ink to face up to any fading from sunlight. Then they examine a shielding coating as the last touch to make it scratch resistant.


Why Make DNA Portraits?


The query that may also arrive at your thinking is, why even hassle creating a DNA portrait? Our faces are unique, so how is DNA artwork unique?


The reason is its symbolism. It demonstrates to us that we may be similar. However, there is something different in us that differentiates us from the rest. In an ordinary photograph, our differences end up extra prominent. DNA artwork is a delicate means to discover yourself as a different person in this world. It can also be a path to introduce genetics but in the shape of art.


In case you have any concerns about any breach of privacy, you can’t derive any scientific or forensic records from the DNA samples you provide them