International Day of Yoga: Five Must-Have Products


Today, June 21st, is the International Day of Yoga, and for all of the yogis out there, today is your special day! Yoga is perhaps one of the most relaxing and calming practices that one can exercise to experience improvement in physical strength, and in mental growth and serenity. By dedicating a special time of your day or week to practicing yoga, you can clear your mind, and empower your body.

Below is a list of five of our favorite yoga products. We hope that this list will inspire you readers to take a moment from your busy lives and practice some much-needed mindfulness.




Pictured above is just one of our many favorite mat designs from Yoga Design Lab. We love this mat in particular because it’s super travel appropriate. You can roll it up and carry it like a backpack; it’s super lightweight and compact – perfect for stuffing into your suitcase. Sometimes, all it takes is a beautiful yoga mat to motivate us to take time out of our busy days and get some practice in.

BOOK: Yoga: The Secret of Life by Francesco Mastalia

   Photographer Francesco Mastalia‘s new coffee table book, Yoga: The Secret of Life, is a photo-documentary about the spiritual and physical journey of yoga. The book is filled with gorgeous, inspiring photography. Mastalia’s book features the stories and experiences of 108 of today’s leading yoga practitioners. A personal favorite is the story of Tao-Porchon Lynch, a 99 year old master of the practice, and award-winning author. She still teaches up to 8 classes a week in New York! Picking this book up would be a great way to celebrate the International Day of Yoga, and through reading this fine art book, you can learn even more about ‘the secret of life’.

Gaiam Tree of Life Tote

 If you’d rather carry your mat in a bag rather than on your back, this tote is perfect for you. This tote makes going to a class super easy – just stick your wallet, keys, and water in the bag with your mat, and you’re good to go. There’s nothing better than not having to bring a purse with you to class! This makes everything super compact and convenient (not to mention how pretty the tote is!). This item would make a great gift for somebody you know who loves yoga, too.

Onzie High Waisted Leggings

You can never go wrong with a great pair of leggings, am I right? These trendy and good quality leggings will keep you feeling comfortable, flexible, and stylish while perfecting your tree pose.

Natural Life Tie-Dye Boho Bandeau

Despite popular belief, yoga can be physically exhausting and make you sweat! How cute is this versatile bandeau that can be used as a sweatband, or even a hair tie? This bandeau will be your best friend during those hot, sweaty classes!