Individually Customized Perfumes by Sue Phillips



Sue Phillips recently opened her perfumery THE SCENTSORIUM in TriBeca. This new Scenterprise is a recent addition to Phillips’ fragrance journey that began when she was just a little girl. Inspired by the childhood smells of the South African earth and her mother kissing her goodnight, Sue associates scent with her most cherished memories. For this reason, Phillips decided to invest her life in creating unique, personalized scents that evoke emotion and memory.

At The Scentsorium, a “Scent Personality Quiz” is taken to learn the preferences and lifestyle choices of the perfume wearer. Based on the answers, Phillips combines top notes (citrusy and light smells), middle notes (floral and spicy aromas), and base notes (woody and heavy flavors) to create an idiosyncratic blend representative of the client’s taste. Once the perfume is concocted, it is preserved in a beautiful bottle for the perfume connoisseur to take home and spritz on for every occasion.

Thanks to Sue Phillips, now, when you walk into a room and someone asks, “Who are you wearing?”, you can reply, “Me”.

To book an appointment for a scent-sational experience contact Sue Phillips at 646-350-6562 and visit the Scentsorium at 85 Franklin St.

– Maya Prejbisz

– Photography by Eddy Garay

IMG_3021 copy


Sue Phillips with a limited edition crystal perfume bottle.