Chanel Illusion d'Ombre eyeshadow Mirifique Illusoire EOTD

Illusion d’Ombre is the hot new eye shadow collection from Chanel. The intense, shimmering long-wear texture offers true versatility for every eye.

The innovative gel texture is both soft and offers some cushion giving it the versatility to be worn as the perfect eyeliner. The new Illusion d’Ombre collection offers a a wide range of looks from sophisticated to modern or natural.


Once applied to the eyelid, the texture becomes powdery and melts naturally into the skin. It works as a single shade on eyelids for a  bright look, or can be combined with other eye shadows for a more unique and diverse presentation.

The collection gathers 12 different shades that can be bought individually or in sets at cosmetic stores and Chanel boutiques.


This collection also includes a specially designed shadow-liner brush, which has been developed specifically for application of this unique new formula.

The brush allows for multiple application possibilities such as:

– Smoothing the shades in the same way as conventional eye shadows by inclining it against the surface of the eyelid
– Drawing darker shades like a precise eyeliner by holding it vertically along the lashes.


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– Erika Van Rampelbergh