Diamond Dogs vintage David Bowie is just one of the many amazing Terry O'Neill shots you can see at The Morrison Hotel gallery.

Diamond Dogs vintage David Bowie is just one of the many amazing Terry O’Neill shots you can see at The Morrison Hotel gallery. Terry O’Neill is published by ACC Editions www.accdistribution.com/us

On Saturday June 22, from 1-4 PM at the famous Morrison Hotel Gallery on 124 Prince Street, internationally collected, and celebrated photographer Terry O’Neill will be launching his new book Terry O’Neill (Antique Collector’s Club). This limited edition book archives the iconic photographs of Terry O’Neill, who is known for photographing an impressive list of 1,000 famous figures. Copies of the book will be sold at the event and Terry will be present to sign copies. Many of O’Neill’s famous photographs that reside in the Morrison Hotel Gallery will also be on display at this event.

Terry O’Neill is a beautiful book that catalogs the iconic, candid and unguarded moments of both the famous and notorious, taken by Terry O’Neill over the past 53 years. Over the last 3 years, Terry O’Neill has gone through over two million negatives, some unseen, in order to create this collection. Regular editions of the book will be sold at the launch for $95. There will also be 300 copies of The Deluxe Edition (a larger version of the book) pre-signed and including a rare photo of Brigitte Bardot, for $799. This book has already received critical acclaim. Vanity Fair spoke very highly of it in a comment about its upcoming release: “This month, a compelling and epic compendium of O’Neill’s work will be published by Antique Collectors’ Club. The eponymous coffee-table book, with an introduction by Dylan Jones, is truly a collector’s item.”

Throughout his extremely impressive and extensive 53 year-long career, Terry O’Neill has photographed legendary figures ranging from rock stars, to presidents, to royals, to movie stars both at play and in private. This list includes David Bowie, Frank Sinatra (of whom he has over 2,000 negatives from a span of 30 years), Elton John, Ava Gardner, Amy Winehouse, and Brigitte Bardot among others. According to rock icon Keith Richards, another subject of Terry O’Neill’s photographs, “Terry was everywhere in the 60s – he knew everything and everyone that was happening.”

Terry O’Neill is not only known for working with the rich and the famous, but also for his technique. He pioneered a new form of visual art using photojournalism to transform portraiture, using 35mm cameras on film sets and at early pop music shows of the 60s. His photographs have been used on magazine covers, album sleeves, and film posters. He has also worked for some of the most prestigious magazines, such as Time, Newsweek, Figaro, People, and Vogue. His career has been widely recognized, as he was one of the 12 recipients of the Centenary Medal, awarded by The Royal Society of Arts for his “outstanding contributions to the art of science and photography.” There is also an award in his honor, the Terry O’Neill Award, which is one of the most acclaimed competitions in photography.

The Morrison Hotel Gallery, a gallery dedicated to presenting fine art rock and roll photography, is a very fitting location for the book launch of someone who played such a vital role in the rock and roll scene. Founded in 2001 by record company executive Peter Blachley, music retail industry professional Richard Horowitz, and legendary music photographer Henry Diltz, The Morrison Hotel Gallery, features over 100,000 images spanning several generations of music. This event is an exciting part of the forefront of music culture and history.

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– Alexis Cassola