Hiking For The Soul

Photo courtesy of Pexels
Photo courtesy of Pexels
Photo courtesy of Pexels

Out of the many outdoor sports that we are encouraged to play, hiking is one adventure that we can undertake to help connect to our soul. The way hiking brainstorms our sleeping desires and passion and evokes our spirit, nothing can imitate the same effect. That feeling of freedom and having the liberty to scale unexplored terrains can set the adrenaline rush flowing through your blood. Sometimes you need to be in solitude to refresh your mind and get going.

  1. Puts nature into perspective

Connecting with nature can make you realize and accept the grave realities of life. Not everybody can be lucky enough to get in touch with nature so spiritually, and hence it allows you to understand how inconsequential you may seem in front of the whole wide world. You realize how much there is to life and you get a chance to contemplate on life, keeping nature into perspective.

Studies are there to show that being in nature can be a great source of stress buster and help relieve depression. Hike your way to a healthy life and reap the benefits of connecting to the natural world.

  1. Opens up your senses by holistically involving you in your surroundings

Hiking can be a truly exotic experience as it will consciously make you put your senses to use in a way like never before. Your senses will automatically be so deeply involved in your surroundings that you wouldn’t want to disengage yourself. At first you will be filled with qualms constantly bickering you and soon your anxiety and insecurities will be replaced by a feeling of renewed hope and realization of the depth of Mother Nature. You will automatically feel a change from within making you more observant of your environment. That is the beauty of signing up for an adventure like hiking.

  1. Mindful walking

What most human beings usually ignore is the art of living in the present moment. Hiking can present you with an opportune moment to delve into walking meditation or mindful walking. Just keep a few reminders in mind before going hiking so your trip is not interrupted by unimportant things. This technique helps you concentrate on the current living moment and incorporates the essence of true mindfulness.

Concentrating on your breathing and feeling your bodily sensations like hearing your heart beat can make you appreciate every breath that you take. Your soul connects with something more substantial than just breathing for the sake of living and the glory and majestic feel of nature manifests itself in an unprecedented way.

  1. Gives you the emotional space you have been craving for

Sometimes the mental pressure that you are carrying around is so burdensome that it becomes next to impossible to alleviate that stress buildup on your mind. You need to take out time for yourself and do some soul searching so that you are in the right state of mind to strike a balance between your personal and professional life and are content at heart. Let your thoughts wander for a while, then bring yourself back again by putting back the pieces of the puzzle and trust me it will all make sense and fall into place effortlessly. All this requires space which you are unable to get in the busy urban life.

Hiking is like an added therapy that helps people fight hopelessness and come out of depression as shown by research, even inspiring others to set out for this challenge.

  1. Disconnecting from the materialistic world

Yes, we agree that you cannot live without technology, but you need to distance yourself from it if it is getting on your nerves. All the technological gadgets that keep you preoccupied all day can even exhaust and make your mind and senses feel numb. A full-day hike is one of the best therapies to let go of the materialistic world and find the true purpose of life in these exciting and fun-filled activities.