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Decorating your nails these days is so much more than just putting on a layer of nail polish. There are a great deal of tutorials and videos on social media on how to paint your nails and do nail art in fun and cute designs, but it can be a time-consuming task – not to mention a difficult one. Glossique Nail Deco offer an easy way to decorate your nails with beautiful and versatile designs in a quick fix.

By using nail wraps, the design pattern is already done in one layer. All you have to do is push back your cuticles and rub your nails with acetone to remove any oils, then you can simply peel the nail wrap from the sheet and apply it to your nails; this is without any heat necessary and no harsh chemicals involved. Just a little adjusting and cutting as needed!

unnamed With over 150 different designs, you are sure to find one to match your style and be a fit for whatever you’re going to. Whether it’s a big party or just adding a little pop of color to your Fall wardrobe, these nail wraps are a good addition to your nail routine and will both save you time and money. As they say: “Life’s too short for boring nails” – and we at Downtown are bound to agree.

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Scrolling through their Instagram, we can’t help but get inspired and excited to gussy up our nails. One packet will only set you back $15 and you can order it right of their online shop. With its easy application, the only hard part is choosing just one at the checkout. There may just end up one or two more in the basket..