Give a Little Gift this Holiday Season

Give a Little Gift this Holiday Season


The holiday season can be overwhelming for many reasons. Prepare ahead of time maybe even shop this year for next. If you are looking for personalized gifts, from custom design scarfs to one of a kind wine sets, that anyone will appreciate we have it for you.

We have done the research, here you will find some ideas we’ve discovered for the special person in your life.

Show your appreciation to your hairstylist, teacher, best friend, in-law, babysitter, hard to, please boss, maybe someone who is there for you each and every day, someone who makes your life just a little easier or for the loves in your life.

The Downtown team wants to make your gift-giving more personal and unique this year.


Give a Little Gift this Holiday Season
Talsam charms

Talsam is the ultimate wearable, a technology-enabled fashion accessory that is beautifully designed, personalized and easy to use. Talsam’s jewelry allows users to communicate wirelessly through Bluetooth-enabled semi-precious stone charms near or far. Loved ones can send text messages, videos, voice notes, photos, and animated emojis via Talsam’s exclusive app, and the charm lights up and gently vibrates when a message is received.


Give a Little Gift this Holiday Season
Birthstone Cuffs


We are in love Capsul’s with this all-new birthstone collection, which includes new infinity-shaped birthstone cuffs and rings. Available with Swarovski crystals for each month, making them the perfect personalized gift for any occasion!



Give a Little Gift this Holiday Season
Grand Enchantment Silk Square

Created by their in-house artist, this silk square by Echo is inspired by the architectural details of Grand Central Station. This New York hub bustles at holiday time, connecting people during the most magical and festive time of the year. This original painting incorporates the most iconic elements of Grand Central: The clock, the ceiling, and the windows. It makes a beautiful gift for that special someone this season.



Give a Little Gift this Holiday Season
Hand-stitched Leather Goods

BLACKBARN Shop celebrates its internationally sourced products from talented artisans around the world with a focus on Spain, where furniture manufacturer Sol & Luna operates out of Madrid. With a selection of the company’s most elegant leather-bound pieces.


Give a Little Gift this Holiday Season

A timeless accessory from Cos for the cooler season. Designed from leather, wool, and cotton with a cozy cashmere lining, these gloves have been reimagined in a winter palette.


Give a Little Gift this Holiday Season
Stainless Steel Cube


The Stainless Steel Cube is a study in minimalist design. We fell madly in love Rò Home, and more so with This five-sided accent presents a simple, aesthetically pleasing form that subtly reflects its surroundings. A clean, modern fit for you home or office.


Give a Little Gift this Holiday Season
Mon beau Sapin


Mon beau Sapin, now comes in a dark green color adorned with a fir bough decorated in white and gold. Its generous, characteristic smell of balsam fir, slightly resinous, slowly guides us towards a reassuring forest. This candle, with its specific wintery enveloping fragrance, brings the finishing touch to the joyful holiday mood and memories past. Can you smell the fragrance from here?


Give a Little Gift this Holiday Season
Le Seau à Champagne – Sparkling Wood i

We like to be unique and think outside of the box. We found this CellArt’s Effervescence Divine Limited Edition collection, Le Seau à Champagne – Sparkling Wood a one-of-a-kind 3-pieces Champagne bucket reserved to the grand connoisseur and the refined aesthete. Gift, or if you are like us we want this for ourselves!

The bucket body is made of a selection of dark to chocolate-brown rich black walnut wood externally glazed with an immaculate ink-black sparkling lacquer; a stainless steel mirror interior stand, artfully designed, allow your Champagne bottles, Magnums, or any great vintage of white wine, to cool down in ice and cold water with all due reverences to their labels.

We wish you a Happy Holiday Season!

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