FRAGRANCE SPOTLIGHT: Monsieur by Bruno Jovanovic & Frédéric Malle



Monsieur, by Bruno Jovanovic, is the first perfume under his name. He took on a symbol of classic perfumery, patchouli, an emblematic component for many perfumers. Monsieur is formulated with a unique dosage of over 50 percent of patchouli obtained by molecular distillation. The initial tangerine notes convey a particular freshness. These top notes mingle with the enigmatic and syrupy character of rum absolute, a link with the sea of patchouli that lies at the heart of the perfume. A substantial measure of cedar and of incense endow the latter with a sensuous and mystical vibration, while touches of modern amber confer a darker side to it. Hints of vanilla and musk tie everything together and soften the sharpness, to tame this brute into a sensuous, magnetic and nonetheless-civilized animal!

The formula, both simple and essential, has evoked since its genesis in Frédéric Malle’s mind. Alfonso de Portago, Mark Birley, Jose-Luis de Villalonga and Gianni Agnelli, remorseless seducers who would playfully it from women’s embrace to social-merrymaking. Gentlemen whose manly and timeless elegance has relentlessly guided the development of this perfume and enabled Frédéric Malle to stay on course during the creation of this very minimal scent. Monsieur is simply a neo-classic perfume, for the modern man.