This September, Medhattan will be coming downtown. Located at the former site of the 9/11 Resovery and Cleanup Clinic at Liberty Street and Trinity Avenue, the new medical facility is only moments away from Ground Zero.

Dr. Alicia Salzer manned the clinic that serviced emergency needs following the 9/11 tragedy and is now a co-founder of Medhattan. 3,000 square feet are dedicated to walk-in and basic emergency clinic. However, what will set Medhattan apart is the luxurious level of its service.

Patients will get world-class care in a luxury class environment. Doctors that have the talent and prestige of the most celebrated emergency rom’s will be performing diagnostic services, treatments (including X-rays, suturing, and intravenous care) and some common pharmaceutical needs.

Not only will patients be receiving grade-A hospital amenities, but they will be getting these treatments all while enjoying amenities equal to those of a five star hotel. Fluffy white bathrobes, healthy snacks, and even massage and acupuncture services are at the patients’ disposal, all while maintaining a relatively low price tag, sometimes as low as $200 for a visit.

Medhattan is providing a stark contrast to an average hospital experience – long waits in crowded waiting rooms, cramped rooms, and a stay that is the antithesis of comfort in some instances. Co-founder Dr. Leslie Miller M.D. has handpicked her staff with the utmost confidence.

“Our doctors will personally deliver every aspect of our patients’ care, from taking a medical history to drawing blood to giving patients the education that we believe is a vital, yet often forgotten, aspect of the care,” Miller said.

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—Jaclynne Castellano