Our Favorite Dry Bar

dry bar
dry bar
Photo: Courtesy of theblackandwhite.net.

As much as we want winter to be over, there’s still a little while to go. If you’ve got hair longer than your shoulder then you’re probably already sick of the hair routine. Washing your hair in the colder months can be very tricky. You can either leave it to air dry and it could freeze in the cold or you can blow dry it. Blow drying at home can be difficult and it doesn’t come out like salon hair would. You can also go to a salon, but it’ll be really expensive. It’s the winter hair dilemma.

This conundrum has us revisiting one of our favorite hair spots Downtown – the Dry Bar. It might not be an actual bar but it makes us just as happy. For a flat rate of forty dollars they’ll wash and blow dry your hair using L’Oreal and Moroccan Oil products. That’s it – it’s just that simple. An affordable, professional blow out at the reach of our fingertips that uses real, quality products. It’s a hair dream come true.
What makes it really special is they don’t charge an extra fee if your hair isn’t straight or is very long as other salons tend to do. It’s always the same price. They also have a menu of different hair styles you can get: an updo, the Mai-Tai (those perfect california beachy waves), the Cosmo (all curls everywhere), or just a regular Straight-Up. You can also take your kids and they’ll get their hair done for 10 dollars. As an added bonus you can get water, coffee, or champagne, as well as cookies, while you get your hair done.
They have two locations downtown – one in the Flatiron district (4 West 16th St.) And TriBeCa (180 West Broadway).
– by Camila Abisambra