Photo courtesy of Highsnobette

Photo courtesy of Highsnobette

Fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson, who became a phenom when she began the blog Style Rookie at age 11, is now leveraging her talent and notoriety into an acting career. Gevinson is making her acting debut in the upcoming film Enough Said, which stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the late James Galdofini.

“It was like jumping right in,” Gevinson told The Daily Beast of her first experience on-set. “For me, the most foreign thing was that you’re around a lot of people and I’m used to writing behind a computer.”

Despite the nerves, however, Gevinson is no stranger to being in front of a camera.

“I did a voiceover in a short called Cadaver, and then a short when I was 11.  I acted locally in Community Theater when I was in school, but acting is a very risky career choice. . . so I wasn’t actively pursuing it.”

Now, with this film under her belt, we’ll see if Gevinson gains an appetite for acting. Enough Said debuts in theaters September 2o.

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— Erika T. Butler