Looking for family activities in NYC? Look no further.

National Geographic’s new digitally immersive experience, Ocean Odyssey, has made a splash in Times Square.

Upon entering the exhibit, visitors are treated to a flurry of interactive content that’s as close to the deep sea as you can get—without strapping on scuba gear. The self-guided walking tour lets attendees travel through the world’s various ocean environments. They can step on interactive bio-luminescent reefs, ‘play’ with interactive seals, and watch with awe as sharks, manta rays, dolphins and more whisk through 360-degree spaces. There’s even a kelp maze (which coincidentally, this writer got stuck in, for more than a few minutes) and a 3-D ocean diving experience.


At the end of the exhibition, National Geographic installed tablets to help kids learn more about ocean conservation and how families can take steps to be a little more environmentally conscious.

The team that assembled the project clearly spared nothing; the spaces captivate the senses and are incredibly visually detailed. The entire space is a testament to how technology can bring the furthest corners of the world, or the deepest ocean depths, to life – anywhere. Ocean Odyssey is the exact opposite of a cheese-y Times Square museum experience.

If you’re planning to go – keep in mind that it might be a little much for young visitors (certain nature scenes are reflective of the circle of life) but it’d be a definite hit with older kids who love adventure and are strong visual learners.

To learn more and pick up tickets visit their website.