Downtown is proud to premiere “Straight Outta Love,” the new single by New York City-based band Makuta. Set for release on Sept. 30, the song was produced by Chad Hugo of The Neptunes.

Said the group’s frontman Doug Makuta of the song Straight Outta Love”:

“‘Straight Outta Love’ is a song that we had the chorus kicking around for a while. We are a live band, and always make it a point to bring in live energy and performance into the recordings. So we record primarily live and track the core of the songs that way, to keep things honest. We finished a version of ‘Straight Outta Love’ before we went on tour this summer, and really road-tested it…We like to do that to see what resonates with folks, what they respond to, etc. We came off tour with that song refined and fine tuned, with a greater sense of clarity on how to finish the studio version of ‘Straight Outta Love.’

We took a look at the existing recording, and even though we were still excited about it, we felt that it needed a bit more of something. Aleata brought in our good friend, Chad Hugo, to come in and add some new elements that took the song to where it needed to be.”

Why Makuta remains a New York-based group:

“We love and call NYC home for many reasons. It is a city of limitless dreams, and infinite possibilities. It is a city that gives extraordinary joy, deep heartbreak, and everything in between. New York keeps you honest, driven, and hungry. We owe it a lot…It’s given us so much, and we love every bit of it.”

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