Located on the second floor of the sleek and stylish Andaz hotel downtown, Wall & Water is perfect for a business lunch or a dinner out. I had the chance to sample a few of their dishes the other night, and I was not disappointed. Chef Maximo Lopez May shows his Argentinian heritage and American influence in all of his cuisine. His menu at Wall and Water is always fresh since he sources all of his ingredients from local Hudson Valley farms and markets. The menu is seasonal and everything is prepared using traditional cooking methods and simple presentations. During the summers, the Andaz holds a Farmers’ Market from which Chef May sourced most of his produce.

My favorite dishes on the menu would have to be the chicken liver pâté, burrata cheese salad and the mac & cheese. The pâté was simple, but flavored well, sprinkled with sea salt and served with toast points (though I also used the freshly baked crusty bread). Burrata cheese is one of my favorite treats. It’s made by taking fresh mozzarella, dicing it and mixing it with fresh cream and then wrapping that mixture with more fresh mozzarella. Once you cut into it, the creamy mixture pours out onto the plate which, in this case, had kale, olives, peppers and onions. The combination of creamy cheese with salty olives, spicy peppers and bitter kale was incredible. Chef May’s mac & cheese is made with strascinati pasta, cato corner bloomsday cheese and seasonal mushrooms with crispy croutons on top. It was creamy and delicious and perfectly hit the spot since it was slightly snowing outside. The mixture of comfort food with a little elegance was perfect and just what Chef May is doing with everything on his menu.

Wall & Water
75 Wall St.

—Amy Matlock, Food Editor