Come March 15th, your little munchkins can be decked out in DVF for Gap Kids & Baby Gap! Could you die?! I’m a huge fan of Daine von Furstenberg’s classic wrap dress, and these mini versions are absolutely delicious! Way to go DVF for thinking of the little fashionistas out there! Not every little lady can afford to look like Suri Cruise, but this collections makes it that much easier to attain the glam tot’s style. Gotta start when they’re young, right?

Don’t forget to check in at your local Gap store March 15th for this adorable collection!

—Lindsey Hutter for DOWNTOWN. Lindsey writes about being a 20-something fashion addict living in NYC, sharing her love for fashion, beauty, NYC and all that life has to offer. She’s a self proclaimed cheap-chic fashionista, trying to keep her caviar taste on a tuna fish budget. You can read more of her work at her blog: Caviar Taste, Tuna Fish Wallet.