This summer Downtown is going to be one to remember, and what better way to capture the wild, vibrant spirit of summer than with a photoshoot inspired by an exciting decade—the 1960s. In the upcoming issue, look for our gorgeous publisher, Grace A. Capobianco, photographed in the finest of fashion.

Dressed to the nines in Diane Von Furstenberg, Heather Lawton and Dior platforms, she worked with dear friend and world renowned photographer and model, Philippe Reynaud. Reynaud has been a prominent face in fashion for over 20 years, working with luxury lines like Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and Armani. Grace and DOWNTOWN were honored to let someone so talented help us capture the beauty of the face of our publication.

Speaking of our publication’s face, Grace’s makeup was flawlessly perfected by Marcia Nikaydo, her hair styled by Red Market Salon and the whole ensemble was topped off a few pieces of stunning jewelry provided by Barbara Novak of GM Diamonds. GM Diamonds has been one of the leading manufacturers of diamonds for almost half a century, working with world class powerhouses like DeBeers. Novak herself has been an image consultant and stylist to celebrities and social icons for over 20 years and definitely exceeded expectations when dealing with DOWNTOWN.

This one-of-a-kind DOWNTOWN moment was all captured at Union Square Studios—the trendy, eclectic environment was perfect for inspiring the creativity and enthusiasm of this photoshoot. Don’t forget to look for it gracing the pages of our latest issue of DOWNTOWN magazine when you pick it up this July!