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Tommy John INC is one of many fashion brands whose headquarters are moving downtown. This follows a growing trend of sizable enterprises, from media companies to top-tier eateries that are moving to Lower Manhattan.

The brand, which both produces and markets functional men’s undergarments has recently committed to moving their headquarters to a 17,460 square foot space on 100 Broadway, owned and operated by the Northwood Investors. The space is at least three times larger than their previous house.

Not only does this new address allow space for internal growth , it also has numerous other benefits.

“People in the fashion industry have really seen the merits of being downtown, where there are buildings with character and great transportation,” shares Alan Wildes, a Cushman and Wakefield Executive Director, in a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal. Wilde also mentioned that he felt these firms will be able “to tap into a huge labor pool from both Brooklyn and [those who are] living downtown.”

It is extremely likely that more major brands will migrate downtown, and many are anxiously awaiting to see what this will result in.

-by Meghan Fazio