The Di MODOLO brand, of luxury jewelry for women, known for its clean, elegant designs, will release a long-awaited men’s diamond jewelry line entitled Modolo.

The collection, which is titled “Centauro,” after the Italian inspiration of the “motorcyclist”, represents the masculinity and strength instilled in every man. It contains well over 60 pieces of fine jewelry for men including bracelets, necklaces, dog tags and cufflinks fashioned in sterling silver, leather and black diamonds with a bicycle chain link motif throughout the entire collection. “The line was inspired by the trend of men showing an increased interest, not only in watches, but in jewelry” says designer and creator Benny Shabtai.

Priced from $250 – $6,950, it will be carried exclusively in a wide range of independent jewelry stores across the United Statessuch as New York, Miami and Washington D.C.

The Modolo collection offers a rustic theme with rugged textures and timeless details adding edge to every man’s style. The collection includes: the Men’s chain link necklace in sterling silver, starting at $795 and it is also available with black micro pave diamonds priced at $5,950. The chain is also placed on a leather strap to create a sophisticated bracelet that gives the line more versatility.The chain link necklace described above is also available as a bracelet.

Shabtai’s vision for the line is to see the every day man wearing this to the office, out to dinner as well as to special occasions and events. “My hope for this line is for it to be well received with men at every stage of their life and for Modolo to become a staple in every man’s wardrobe.”

To find out more about the Modolo men’s collection please visit the Di MODOLO website located at