Launched in 2016, Jane Kaye Jewelry is a fine jewelry collection designed and curated by Jane Kaye. Jane draws inspiration for her designs from the techniques and motifs used in antique jewelry. She will combine, for instance, Australian Opals with Rosecut Diamonds, or Freshwater Pearls with Colored Sapphires, or set Cushion Cut Stones in both Black Gold and Rose Gold, remeniscent of the silver topped/gold backed technique that was prevalent in the Victorian era. Many pieces are also convertible. The 3-in-1 Earrings, for example, can be worn three separate ways, similar to “Day and Night” Earrings that were common in antique designs. Jane blends this antique influence with a modern flair, resulting in pieces that are not only captivating to the eye, but that can be worn with ease and layered to express unique, personal style.

A lover of fashion herself, Jane believes that when it comes to jewelry styling, there are no rules. Rather than storing your jewels in your safe, experiment with different ways to wear your pieces. Mix designs that are set in different color golds, stack multiple bands on one finger or pair those Rose Cut Diamond Earrings with a pair of jeans, a white blouse and a leather jacket for a casual yet sophisticated style.

Jane began her career in period and estate jewelry, where she was trained by the most knowledgeable and experienced specialists. During this time, she developed a love for the hand craftsmanship, fine detail and historical significance behind each piece. She went on to work alongside a private Manhattan jeweler, managing production, sales and operations, learning firsthand how to run a small business. Later, she opened a boutique at the Plaza Hotel for a prestigious European-based jewelry designer. Aside from her successful business, Jane lives in New York City with her husband and three dogs.