Coola Serves Up Organic Ingredients To Protect Your Skin This Summer


Can you imagine having a sunscreen for the summer made out of natural ingredients only?

Last week we were introduced to COOLA Suncare in a beautiful event on the rooftop of  the Gramercy Park Hotel. Surrounded by organic food products, we had the chance to chat with the charming COOLA CEO, Chris Brichby. The rooftop terrace provided a perfect spring setting for a pleasant introduction to this unique new organic sun care line for summer.

COOLA products contain up to 97 percent certified organic ingredients, with the majority being manufactured using solar power energy credits. In addition to being Solar Powered®, COOLA sources its ingredients from organic farms, incorporating a Farm to Face® approach to all products. In 2012, COOLA introduced Plant Protection®, after revolutionizing the use of plant stem cells and plant phyto-protectors to boost sun protection naturally.

During the event we were introduced to some of the ingredients in the sunscreen protector which were so natural, you could actually eat them! On our plate we had samples of salmon, coconut, raspberry, guacamole, banana and yogurt, which both benefit your skin, and protect you from the sun at the same time.

COOLA offers high performance sun care products that are delicate and luxurious enough to enhance anyone’s daily skincare regimen.

“COOLA invites you to stay in the glow while you stay in the know.”

-Patricia Rashidi