Photo: Courtesy of Lauren Napier


When we buy skincare products, besides wanting the obvious – for them to work. We want trusted expertise and industry professionals to spearhead the process. Our skin is delicate and many products make promises they can’t keep, with harsh dyes and heavy fragrances, the word skincare renders futile. But lucky us, we have startups from skincare mavens, like celebrity makeup artist, Lauren Napier.

Taking a trip around the globe, Napier realized upon return from Dubai that her face needed a refresher, but stuck in a metal tube with dried out facial wipes for a 13 hour trip wasn’t exactly ideal. So, a year later, she introduced CLEANSE.

With the look and feel of a baby wipe, CLEANSE is rich with vitamins A, C, and E and fortified with natural ingredients. The primary being water, used as a base rather than alcohol, which typically causes irritation, especially on those with skin sensitivity. Subsequent ingredients include, aloe, which firms the skin; chamolilla, known to soothe; cucumber, a beauty staple for refining pores; oat kernel extract, proven to draw moisture into the skin; and south african marshmallow root extract, which reduces and eliminates acne causing bacteria.

The wipes are conveniently, individually wrapped, so you never have to worry about wipes drying  from exposure to the wind. These multipurpose wipes can be used to freshen up midday and remove excess oil, removing a night of heavy glam, or just cleaning up after an intense visit to the gym.

We put the wipes to the test and the results are conclusive: When using the wipe for initial makeup removal, even tough mascara was entirely removed. Using a secondary wipe see if there was any residual product; there wasn’t. But when using an everyday generic cleanser, then, followed up by CLEANSE, we found traces and remains of foundation.

Napier is a makeup artist mogul who doubles as a skincare saint. Having worked on prominent figures and celebrities, her prowess in skincare entrepreneurialism  is the evident in the joy she receives in transforming someone. While, there is beauty in taking it off, or “the instant gratification from transforming an actor into their character, or a bride of her wedding day, you’re making someone feel good about themselves,” stated Napier.

With a wipe this effective and refreshing, it’s an everyday on-the-go essential. Sets are available in The Chic Mini containing 3 individual wipes, The Luxe Box, a twelve count, or Abundance, a 50 count, located here.

We couldn’t resist inquiring the beauty expert about trends and life below 28th street.

If there’re two must haves for Napier, it’s a moisturizer. Stating, “your skin is a living organ and needs hydration.” As for trends, brows, brows, brows. Napier says, “the fuller the brow, the more youthful the look.” Brows shape our entire face and bring symmetry, and as of recent, the bolder, the better.

No stranger to downtown, the Chelsea resident states her favorite thing is the proximity. “If you take a walk to the east village, you can explore five different neighborhoods in the meantime.”

Leaving us with a last piece of advice, Napier champions about sunscreen as a daily staple. The makeup artist stated, “Healthy skin isn’t a trend or an accessory.”


By: Yasmine Rimawi

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