CHIARA BONI Does It Again Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

CHIARA BONI Does it Again Spring/Summer 2019 Collection
NYFW 2019 Spring Summer Fashion Show Images

Every Year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future. This is known as FASHION WEEK. “Carrie Bradshaw Sex And The City”

The greatest difference from years gone by is that NYFW has finally made its way downtown. If you give it some thought, NYFW should have always been downtown. Especially, when each year the fashion industry births something new and fresh. Like the Downtown area in New York City, the place which gave birth to this great city back in 1624 when the Dutch first settled along the Hudson River.  Thirty-odd years after the Dutch settled in New York, 1897 Paul Gauguin moved to Punaauia Tahiti where he created his masterpiece painting “Where Do We Come From”. Paul Gauguin lived the rest of his life in paradise on the Marquesas Islands. 

Gauguin’s Tahitian influence was found this week in downtown New York at Chiara Boni’s NYFW Spring/summer collections.



CHIARA BONI Does it Again Spring/Summer 2019 Collection
Paul Gauguin Where_Do_We_Come_From



Leave it to one of our favorite Italian designer’s Chiara Boni, to create her Spring/Summer 2019 designs which fully embody Paul Gauguin’s bold and beautiful tropical greenery. These luscious fragrant colors sitting front and center during her show yesterday transformed you to this majestic tropical island. Chiara’s use of bold colors and rhythmic surface patterns were a priority. Her pieces exude feminine elegance, a must for next years fashion.

For the Spring/Summer 2019 season, Chiara Boni La Petite Robe was truly inspired by the vibrant and suggestive Tahitian painting colors, and the whimsical style of Paul Gauguin.

CHIARA BONI Does it Again Spring/Summer 2019 Collection
NYFW 2019 Spring Summer Fashion Show Images

We saw vivid, warm tones of orange, yellow, amber, red and black cherry, these colors enhance the joy of Spring and invite you to find a happy place within her collection. We are sure that Chiara’s 2019 designs will bring you to a spicy and energetic summer. The fabric movement of this collection was free, fun and expressive. 

“Chiara Boni, for her Spring/Summer 2019 designs fully embody Paul Gauguin’s bold and beautiful tropical greenery”

Chiara’s seasonal fabric prints took center stage in her shows lineup, reflecting the brand’s signature polished sophistication. This collection features a more naïf look, a graphic appeal, her flamboyant patterns are paired with ultra-feminine silhouettes, for a charming explosion of positive joie de vivre.

You felt ultra-feminine just by viewing this fresh, bold yet feminine, artistic collection.  


CHIARA BONI Does it Again Spring/Summer 2019 Collection
NYFW 2019 Spring Summer Fashion Show Images



Guests attending the show included: CEO Grace A. Capobianco, Lara Trump, Chiara Ferragamo, Alona Avramenko, Alicia Rountree, Julie Mintz, Derek Warburton, Emily Men, Liliana Nova, Nina Senicar, Chloe Stroll, Matidle Carli, Nadejda Savcova, and Kasia Aleksandra

CHIARA BONI Does it Again Spring/Summer 2019 Collection
NYFW 2019 Spring Summer Fashion Show Images

“Chiara Boni’s Spring/Summer 2019 Collection is a must for every wardrobe”


Italian designer Chiara Boni established her label Chiara Boni La Petite Robe in 2007. It quickly gained universal acclaim and acquired a ‘cult’ status between its loyal customer base and celebrity following. By 2009 the brand began its international expansion and is now sold in premier boutiques in Europe, United Emirates, Canada, and the USA. Chiara Boni La Petite Robe, sold in the USA at top department stores including Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue. 


“A bit more about the designer Chiara Boni”


Boni developed her design aesthetic in the rebellious punk London spirit of the 1970s. Self-taught in the art of design, Boni frequented the Parisian ateliers of established couturiers, where she learned the secrets of the female figure. Fusing these two points of view resulted in Boni’s signature discreetly sexy dresses and separates that enhance a woman’s natural beauty. From 1985 – 1999, Chiara joined the GFT group, which produced leading Italian Prêt-àPorter labels. After a break from design, Chiara returned to her true passion in 2007 with the launch of her collection.


“She has created a cult following of women, from celebrities to television anchor personalities, to today’s leading professional and woman of leisure”


Elegant, timeless, seasonless and great fit are key words in describing Chiara Boni La Petite Robe Collection. Chiara Boni is a dynamic and well-traveled woman, created a collection to meet the needs of today’s women. The Secret of her creative clothing begins with very eco-friendly stretch fabrics developed by Chiara. The Collection consists of dresses, pants, skirts, and jackets all easy care perfectly folded up in an organza pouch. The ideal wardrobe for traveling.


“Why Women flock to her designs”


She has created a cult following of women, from celebrities to television anchor personalities, to today’s leading professional and woman of leisure. La Petite Robe was born in 2007 and since then this Collection represents a choice of Style at very competitive prices.

In 2009, thanks in cooperation with her new partner, the Brand started its expansion through international markets. Chiara Boni designs are sold throughout Europe, United Emirates. In 2010 the Collection was introduced and has been very well received in the USA and Canada. We are currently selling the best high-end department stores and the best specialty boutiques throughout the world.

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