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Decorating is one of the most fun parts of the holiday season! But all the beautiful wreaths, lights, and trees to choose from can be very pricey. Here are some suggestions for beautiful and budget-friendly holiday decorations.

Use cotton balls as fake snow

Instead of buying fake snow at the store, consider using cotton balls that you may already have lying around. Pull them apart and place them around any holiday figurines that you may have to create a snow-like effect.

Hang up candy canes 

Nothing says winter like this minty treat! With their natural hook at the top, candy canes are easy to hang around the apartment. Just get a couple of boxes and you’re good to go!

A little bow can make a big effect 

Bows aren’t just for presents. Take a few bows and stick them onto some things lying around the apartment, such as flower pots or cabinets. The extra splash of color can make a big impact and a bag of bows usually doesn’t cost very much.

Light up some candles 

Even if your guests don’t see too many decorations, filling your apartment with a lovely scent can make up for it! Purchasing a cheap holiday-themed candle will make people instantly think of the holiday season!

Break out the mason jars 

This great new trend is also perfect for the winter season. Putting in any holiday-themed item, such as pine cones or mints, and wrapping a simple ribbon around it is simple.

-by Connie Lee