Sunday, September 15, 2019


Tango & Cash with Shea Holbrook

In its fifth year as a racing series, Formula-E has been successful in promoting competitive automotive racing all while maintaining a small carbon footprint and eco-friendly mantra. Moreover, its approach is consumer...

World Cup Wonder Women at the Ticker Tape Parade

Sports are a welcome distraction.  Whether it be a balm from work-related stresses or a night at a pub, a sports game can be an ideal potion to entertain the spirit.

SailGP Final Day New York

Achieving success in NYC is a challenge in any endeavor, so why should Sailing be any different? Photo by Grace A. Capobianco As smoothly...

SailGP Day 1 Recap

Though Thursday’s practice was canceled due to inclement weather, the athletes showed no signs of rust during Friday’s races.  In fact, the sailors put on a spectacle for the New York audience,...

FIA- Formula E Comes back to New York

Every kid experiences that “rush” from going fast; whether it be a go-kart, bicycle or scooter.  Some of us never shake it.  In fact, entire industries of motorsports exist based upon this...
Hotel Telluride

Ice, Ice Baby

By Michael Capbianco Photogrphy courtesy of Telluride Tourism Board IT'S A COOL MORNING in the alpine city of Telluride, Colorado. I'm sitting in the lobby of...