Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Joanna Vargas NYC Salon

Keeping It Real with Joanna Vargas

From her sprawling, 14,000-square-foot luxury day spa, on New York City’s Fifth Avenue, the beloved aesthetician to the superstars is definitely glowing a little brighter lately.

3 Ways to Treat Yourself “Game of Thrones” Style

Are you counting down the days until the final episode of Game of Thrones? All of NYC is right there with you, especially these three spots offering GoT specials to help you...

How We Get Our Apple a Day

We all know the phrase, "An apple a day..." but sometimes you don't have an apple on hand or you've just been to the dentist and biting into an apple is not...

Tata Harper: The Green-Beauty Goddess Ups Her Game for Her Namesake Skincare Line

Scouting the world, Tata Harper is always striving to improve her eponymous skincare line and beautify her loyalists to the max, naturally, with nontoxic, hyper-potent, and uncompromising ingredients.

At Home and Professional CBD Facials Will Have You Glowing

CBD beauty products are the hottest thing on the market, and two brands are ready to help you glow with CBD facials. Heyday, the perfect place for an accessible facial, is adding...

How Volition is Partnering with Real People to Create Viral Beauty Products

If you haven't heard about Volition Beauty, this concept is about to blow your mind. This beauty brand uses the power of crowd-sourcing to help women create solutions to all their skincare...