.Bk Offers You a Unique and Limited Line of Menswear


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In a world that tends to be dominated by mass produced fashion and conventionality, .Bk designer, Teghvir Sethi, strives to be different. .Bk, which stands for .Brooklyn—the dot representing the technological culture that influences the brand— makes comfortable, yet unique, limited edition menswear.

As stated in .Bk’s blog, “Clothing is dominated by under a dozen mass retailers, while the smaller stores are shuttered. This is the era of mass fashion. Your red plaid shirt is circulating the globe on fifteen thousand people, with a thousand probably in the subway alone.” Choosing to deviate from the mass produced fashion method, .Bk releases a new collection of unique pieces every month that will never be repeated, with each shirt containing a handwritten print number denoting its originality.

Their launch collection, Founders, is “an homage to independent thinkers, garage inventors, and disruptive innovators.” The collection is composed of ten-luxury button down shirts with 100 of each make available. According to Sethi, Founders was designed for the hands-on, self-starter lifestyle. Sethi also emphasized the versatility of each shirt. They can be dressed up with a tie for the office or unbuttoned and rolled up for the warehouse.

The brand works around the principle that good fashion relies on dedicating time and care to each individual piece. According to the brand’s website, .Bk is “doing away with the conventions of fashion—and replacing them with genuine storytelling.”

.Bk’s next collection, Old Souls, is geared towards young men who enjoy an older lifestyle. When seeking inspiration for the launch of this collection, Sethi and his team spent time hanging around shuffleboard clubs and the Belmont horse races.

Production for the Old Souls line commenced in March, but an official release date for the collection has yet to be revealed. Come take a gander and learn more about these clothing visionaries at dotbk.com

-Elizabeth Sutherland