The Super Bowl Sunday snack table wouldn’t be complete without a plate of steaming buffalo wings. But with the endless amount of places to order from in downtown Manhattan, figuring out where to order from can be overwhelming. Here are two stellar restaurants with wings that will complete your party.

1.Dirty Bird To-Go

For a delicious batch of fried chicken wings, Dirty Bird to-go is definitely the place to go. They boast all-natural chickens that are raised in Pennsylvania Amish Country, giving hungry fans a breath of freshness between bites of Super Bowl snacks. Each wing has a surprisingly large amount of succulent meat underneath an extra crispy layer of breading. You can choose to pair your meal with a variety of sauces, such as ranch, barbeque, or honey mustard. And don’t be afraid to keep only a few napkins on hand; because of the freshness of the chicken, you’ll come away with a little less grease than the typical wings. These wings aren’t only for health-lovers, though. If you don’t tell your friends that they’re antibiotic-free, they won’t be able to tell the difference. Dirty Bird to-go can be ordered at either their Chelsea location or their Tribeca location. Consult their website to see which location is better for you. To get six pieces of fried chicken, you’ll pay only $24.95.


buffalo wings

  1.  Wogies Bar & Grill

Still want your traditional greasy Super Bowl treats? Wogies Bar and Grill offers hormone-free wings too, but dripping in tangy buffalo sauce. With its mouth-watering Super Bowl aroma, you’ll know you ordered from the right place before you even open the box. Each wing may look average-sized, but packs so much flavor that it feels as if you’re eating two at once. If you end up eating so much that the flavor overwhelms you, they also provide some fresh celery sticks, carrots, and blue cheese or ranch to help cool you down. The wings come in batches of ten, twenty, fifty, and one-hundred. Ten wings are $11.00. See their menu at their website.

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Photo: Courtesey of

– by Connie Lee