Beauty Buy: Bumble and Bumble- The Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil

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Frizz be gone! Today’s Beauty Buy is the one and only hair care product you’ll need in your holster when comes time to stop the crime that frizz commits to your hair. Just because humidity is inevitable, that doesn’t mean untamed hair has to be.

Bumble and Bumble: Hairdressers Invisible Oil- Primer

What it does: Seriously, it’d be easier to list what it doesn’t do. This all inclusive bottle of magic is a heat and UV protective primer. So, while you’re keeping your locks safe from damage from mister golden sun, you’re also preventing heat damage from artificial styling tools. It’s leave in formula fights knotty hair and keeps your tresses smooth, whether it’s applied wet or dry. It’s meant for those with dry or coarse hair to mask and counteract prolonged damage.

How to use it: On damp hair- Section hair off starting from the bottom and work your way up in increments. For each layer of hair, spritz the product about 5 inches from hair. Once done, brush through and dry your hair however preferred. For added softness, spray a few spritz’ into your palm and work it directly onto the ends of your hair. On dry hair- Not necessary to spray as much as you would with hair because the absorption process is different. For dry hair, just spritz a few times on your palm and coat the hair. Work your fingers into the hair and run downward. Twirl and spin your hair with your hands to make sure you really saturate it and ensure minimal frizz.

Ingredients: Six oil’s infused into one formula, no wonder this stuff is perfect. A blend of coconut oil which coats and strengthens hair. Argan oil to fight frizz. Sweet almond oil combats damage and dullness by locking in moisture- the perfect sealant. Macadamia nut is abundant in vitamin E which promotes hair growth. And last: grapeseed and safflower oils, both are key moisture inducers to coarse and brittle hair.

Sensory experience: Smells like a fusion of coconut and the beach, just wait for a breeze to dance through your strands and you’ll have everyone asking what that tropical scent is. It feels light-weight on the hair and doesn’t it leave behind a sticky residue on your hands. It has an opaque white color but no worries, it disappears into your hair on contact.

Price: $27 for 8.5 oz

Why Downtown loves it: The smell alone would be enough of a reason for us to recommend it. Using it on freshly washed hair, it adds a burst of moisture to otherwise brittle ends and tough hair from excessive artificial heat. Though, Bumble and Bumble works just as well on dry hair and stops it from inflating during the day. As a girl with a natural soft curl, I’m well aware of how unsightly expansion ensues from humidity. Today’s beauty buy eliminates that possibility and takes the title of ‘holy grail hair care product’!

By: Yasmine Rimawi