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Mersey Boys, a popular novel about the Beatles  written by Steven G. Farrell, is now being adapted into a film and a Broadway show within the coming year. The New York Film and Theater Company, La Muse Venale Inc., will produce both the film and the stage production. The movie will be shot entirely in New York City.


Mersey Boys stars Joanna Pickering as Ginny Brown, as a beautiful art student who sparks a relationship and an intense rivalry between fellow student John Lennon and a professor.

The plot primarily revolves around the budding relationship between student John Lennon and a Professor Al Moran, an Irish-American professor at Liverpool Art College, and how the two bonded on many levels. At the same time, the film also looks at the story behind the rise of the Beatles and Moran’s role in their development, from their first local performances to their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.

Mersey Boys stars Joanna Pickering as Ginny Brown, a student at Liverpool Art College who sparks a relationship (as well as a rivalry) between Professor Moran and student Lennon, and features Anna Shields as Lizzy Gibson, a Beatles groupie and Ginny’s rival for the Professor’s affections. Mike Strozier, who is also the director of the film, plays the Professor, while Jordan Brown plays John Lennon.

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Anna Shields plays a groupie who vies for the affections of an art professor with a profound impact on young John Lennon.

The other Beatles are played by Jeremiah Stanfield (Paul), Brady Cudmore (George) and Trevor Crane (Ringo).

According to Farrell,  Pickering is the standout talent in the film. “Ginny Browne is the best character I have ever created in my long writing career [and] Joanna Pickering is the ideal person to bring [her] to life on the big screen.”  Pickering and  Shields will also be starring in the Broadway production.

Mike Strozier and Angelko Mar, head of La Muse Venale’s tech crew, can be seen all over New York City scouting for locales for the film.

Mr. Farrell would like to reiterate that Mersey Boys is not the same novel as his previous Liverpool Roared.

The film is currently being shot and will premiere in April 2014 in New York City. The stage production makes its debut in Actor’s Temple on Broadway in Spring 2013.

Alina Heim

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