A Taste Of Balls Vodka: Get Some!



Have you been searching for a new vodka to spice up your boring, after-work drinks? Look no further because we have the solution for you. High-tail it out of the office and head to the liquor store to grab some balls…Balls Vodka that is.

Balls Vodka is a high-quality, straightforward, corn based vodka best served with a taste of fun. Based in New York, Balls Vodka is now dedicated to bringing fun and flavor to drinkers all over the country. Their slogan explains the vodka’s goal pretty clearly: “Pour Balls Vodka in a glass – Stir, Work Hard, Stop Complaining, Speak the Truth, Don’t Act Like a Mary Unless Your Name is Mary, Sip and ENJOY!”

Balls Vodka could easily become one of America’s “top shelf” liquors with its crystal clear taste. With the proper distillation method to back it up, Balls Vodka provides a high level of purity for smooth consumption and its composition allows for a delicious, almost savory flavor. This vodka would work great in your Bloody Marys at brunch or paired with savory foods in shot form as well.

The corn based vodka is an excellent substitute for those who can not drink potato derived vodkas. Balls Vodka has a subtle hint of sweetness, leaving a slight vanilla and minty aftertaste. The smooth taste of the vodka made a single shot go down effortlessly, but it was equally as delicious when paired with other beverages.

If you’re looking to change up your typical vodka drink, DOWNTOWN has a wild new recipe for you to try. Put an interesting twist on the typical “pickle back” shot which requires Jameson whiskey and instead try the “pickle forward”: a shot of Balls Vodka chased with a shot of premium pickle juice garnished with red pepper flakes.

Spice up your life, and get some here!

-Lauren Price

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