Babyhampton, a Sunscreen for the Kids


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We all love to go outdoors and spend time in the sun once summer arrives, whether its at the beach, the lake or simply having an outdoor barbecue. But the one thing we have to worry about as we sit to devour our burger, besides mosquitoes, is getting sun burned. That reddening all over our back and shoulders is something we rather not deal with, but whats worse is when the toddlers get exposed to those blistering sun rays as well. Dealing with a sunburned child is nowhere near pleasant. Lucky enough, we’ve recently gotten our hands on a new sunscreen product made for the little ones with an SPF of 30.

Babyhampton Beach Bum SPF 30 is the perfect family sunscreen, providing a broad spectrum of protection against UVA and UVB rays. Organic ingredients such as green tea and rose hip antioxidants, shea butter, as well as extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oils provide for a smooth protection with a gentle moisturizing effect on the children’s and on our own skin. It is 75% Certified Organic, fragrance free and biodegradable. Of course, avoiding midday sun and wearing protective clothes is still recommended.

Babyhamtpon Beach Bum is ocean friendly. You can partner it up with the Beach Bum Sunstick which will protect the ears, face, nose, and lips, also offering an SPF of 30. When you want to give your little one a shower after a long day in the sun, give him/her a long bath with Birthday Suit shampoo and body wash. Birthday Suit will help keep your baby’s skin smooth and rich in the nutrients it needs. As you enjoy your day at the beach or in your backyard, don’t forget to bring Babyhampton with you for a sunburn-free day.

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– Gaelle Gilles