Amanda Todd tragically took her own life when her cries for help were ignored.

The nation is mourning the tragic suicide of Amanda Todd last weekend. Amanda had become a media  figure when she posted an online video detailing how she had been bullied in school and online for years.

Authorities have opened a probe into her death and “anyone that had contact with her” before she died, police said.

But both Canadian law enforcement and our own FBI, couldn’t track down the man responsible for pushing this young girl to the point of ending her own life.

Well, all I have to say is thank god for Anonymous.

The Hacktivist group is saying they have tracked down the sex-obsessed cyber bully who drove Amanda Todd to the deep depression that caused the Vancouver teen to commit suicide.

As Canada police continue to investigate last Wednesday’s death of Todd, someone claiming to be from Anonymous posted the name of a British Columbia man, supposedly the teen’s tormentor, on the website The website the also has the pervert’s name as Kody Maxson.

“This is the pedophile that social engineered Amanda Todd into supplying him nude pictures,” the post read. The man’s name, age and street were listed.

“We generally don’t like to deal with police first hand but were compelled to put our skills to good use protecting kids,” read an email sent by Anonymous to Canada’s CTV News. “Ironically we have some good people in Vancouver who brought this to our admin’s attention. It’s a very sad story that affects all of us.”

The man who Anonymous identified as Todd’s bully appeared in court on Monday on charges of sexual assault and sexual interference with a minor, unrelated to Todd, CTV reported. The man claims he was Todd’s friend and pointed the finger at a New York man who was harassing her.

Amanda Todd’s nightmare started when she was in the 7th grade, when this creep convinced her to flash her boobs in a video chat room. The cyber stalker then tracked Todd and posted the video of the young girl to everyone on her Facebook and to everyone in her school. This sick twisted scumbag didn’t stop there, after Amanda Todd changed schools due to the cruel treatment of her classmates, the cyber bully found her again and threatened the teenager again.

Hopefully, the Anonymous lead will finally bring this creep to justice and he will pay for the pain that he caused to this innocent young girl and her family.

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 –Scott St. John

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