Try these Carmelized Shallot and Sage Mashed Potatoes this Thanksgiving

As vegetarians at Thanksgiving, we often face the age-old question “What are you gonna eat?  Tofurky or something?” followed by chuckles from all the poultry connoisseurs in the room. I have to hand to it to you though meat-eaters, you are right. Tofurky is ridiculous. That’s why I, a non-meat-eating lady, have never touched the stuff.

I prefer the finer things such as these Pomegranate Meringues. Both eye and regular candy, these treats are a blast of sweetness that will brighten up the fall hues of a traditional Thanksgiving table. The recipe seems a little difficult but I’m feeling brave this year and can’t wait to attack this scrumptious obstacle.

If you’re in the mood for a change as well, these Carmelized Shallot and Sage Mashed Potatoes will probably give any plain mashed potatoes recipe a run for its money. Not that there is anything wrong with classic mashed potatoes. I’m sorry regular mashed potatoes. I still love you.

If you haven’t been killed by the ghost-of-mashed-potatoes-past and you’re still reading this article, remember that the best part of any meal is the fancy cocktail. And vegetarians can always have cocktails. This Grand Thanksgiving Cocktail is no exception. Just don’t let anyone accidentally drop their turkey in it.  And don’t you ever let anyone feed you Tofurky. I have an army of angry mashed potatoes who will find you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

—Audrey Frischman