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“Location, Location, Location: Just One Block Makes a Difference Downtown”

With much of downtown offering pockets of high-end and ultra-high-end real estate, one block can mean a world of difference for a potential buyer. Not all streets are created equal, and some offer more exclusivity and luxury residential options than their neighboring thoroughfares. As an expert on and resident of Lower Manhattan, I know that while most downtown city blocks are thriving, bustling, and oftentimes very beautiful, different streets mean different price points, levels of luxury, and privacy. I see this today in neighborhoods like the West Village, Greenwich Village, East Village, NoHo, and Flatiron, where inventory can be limited and expensive, but the main catalyst for a buyer to purchase will always be location, location, location.


Separated from Greenwich Village by a mere two blocks, the 91-unit condo building 150 Charles Street brings oasis-like tranquility to the heart of the West Village. Hudson Street separates Greenwich from the West Village, where the blocks between Hudson and the West Side Highway promise privacy and exclusivity. Therefore, many celebrities flock to this part of Lower Manhattan, seeking refuge from busier parts of the city to enjoy real estate that offers stunning river views, like 150 Charles. If 150 Charles were two or three blocks east, it wouldn’t offer the sweeping water panoramas that it does. And the address’s proximity to Hudson River Greenway, Pier 45, and the West Side Highway, a major north-south road with minimal stoplights and breathtaking water views, makes the location a gem in Manhattan real estate, a privilege that buildings a few blocks east of 150 Charles cannot offer.

150 Charles

Similarly, 10 Bleecker Street and 22 Bond are located within trendy, elegant NoHo, bounded by the Bowery on the east, which divides the hip and high-end neighborhood from the grittier East Village, where the average price per square foot drops significantly. 10 Bleecker offers residents seven stories of prewar coop living while 22 Bond, which wrapped construction this year, offers six ultra-exclusive residences overlooking a private, art-filled garden. Both buildings capture the sophisticated essence of NoHo, markedly different from the urban ruggedness of the East Village a block east. But the buildings surrounding 10 Bleecker and 22 Bond are stunning enough to guarantee a luxurious experience for residents strolling the neighborhood, removed from the urbanity and realness that lies east of the Bowery.

22 Bond

Near Madison Square Park rises 10 Madison Square West, a majestic tower with 125 one- to five-bedroom residences. The ideally located building is situated near Eataly, the 40/40 Club, and the Flatiron Building. Just a block west lies the northern boundary of Chelsea, where real estate cachet is still developing. 10 Madison Square West sits above a playful mix of high-end commercial and residential real estate near the leafy park, distinct from the more commercial streets of Chelsea to the west. While neighborhoods in transition can offer stunning samples of real estate, I generally prefer focusing on more classic, developed neighborhoods when working with buyers and sellers. That’s why the established feel of Flatiron captures my attention.

10 Madison Square

In many instances, one city block means an entirely new neighborhood with its own character and energy. And those looking to buy or move within Manhattan purchase more wisely when they understand the nuances distinguishing the multiple neighborhoods. While most of Downtown Manhattan exudes charm and uniqueness, one block can mean a world of difference in terms of value, exclusivity, and quality of life. This is why I represent only the best listings in Manhattan, giving buyers and sellers the opportunity to connect with the most amazing streets, neighborhoods, and properties in the city.


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