The Gardens of Remembrance in Battery Park hosted the culmination of a project showcasing reflections on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. For one day, artist Tova Snyder took the submissions and put them all together in an installation in the park facing the Statue of Liberty.

The submissions were collected from Downtown residents, workers and visitors who shared their thoughts by writing or drawing on cards that Snyder combined for the installation. Contributors were encouraged to share their reflections on the September 11 tragedy through words or illustrations.

Some of the cards shared sentiments about how people feel about the city saying, “Tragic, never forget. But life goes on, New York will prevail—it always does.”

Others shared stories remembering the day of the tragedy, “From my living room window I could see the twin towers all through elementary until 9-11-01 my senior year they disappeared.”

And others offered simple statements like, “May this never happen again,” or an even more direct sentiment written in big block letters, “MORE SECURITY.”

Over the next month, the Tribute WTC Visitor Center will be holding more similar events. For more information, visit


-Matt Essert