FlatRate has all the resources to make sure that your move is as seamless as possible! These include great tips that you can use on your next move:

Purge Away

Get three piles going: Pack, throw away or donate. You could even go crazy and create a fourth pile of all your valuable knickknacks and tchotchkes that could bring in some needed funds from your neighborhood thrift shop, but the 3 main categories should suffice. Go through all your old clothes, books, sports trophies, yearbooks and family heirlooms to figure out what has real sentimental value and what needs to be passed on to either the dump or Goodwill. I know you think that the antique meat slicer you got at the flea market on vacation will serve a useful purpose in your new house, but it most likely will not. Find a nice new home for that before you lug it across town. Your future self, and your wife, will thank you. The donation pile can be thinned out without much effort if you can find charities in the area that will come and take prepared bags of clothes or books.

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