5 Suave Men’s Sunglass Styles for Summer


Nothing says sophistication as decisively as a well-chosen pair of sunglasses.  Get your sunglasses right, and everything else just falls right into place.  There are about fifty different basic sunglass designs out there, and there are hundreds of variations within those designs. So yes, there are a lot of choices.  There are some styles that are- to use that tired old word- simply iconic.  Choose a pair of these, and rest assured, you’ll feel cool and look suave.

Round lenses

Forever associated with John Lennon, round sunglasses are hip, artsy and definitely boho.  Not for everyone and not for round faces, but if this is your style, they can be super cool.


Go all intellectual with these brow line, rimless, retro beauties. Want Mad Men-style sophistication, then these are for you.


Probably the most popular style in the world. Astonishingly, Ray-Ban nearly stopped production of these beauties back in the eighties when sales slumped, but then The Blues Brothers came along and thanks to a brilliant product placement campaign, Wayfarers became a world favorite once again.  These days, Ray-Ban’s Wayfarers, made of acetate, dominate the world of Wayfarers, but there’s plenty of choices out there because most major brands do their own take on the pair.


The Aviators are another classic from Ray-Ban and worn by everyone, from James Dean to Elvis to Tom Cruise in Top Gun.  They offer great eye protection; they were after all designed for pilots. A classic look that never goes out of style.


If you want to get away from all this retro stuff, wraparounds are the way to do it.  Like Aviators, they make perfect sense in terms of eye protection. They are a genuine, loud look that can’t be ignored.  If you can carry them off, you might just be the coolest guy on the block.