5 Free Things to Get You Out of Bed Right Now

Photo: taken by Schwen.
Photo: taken by Schwen.
Photo: taken by Schwen.

With the winter in full swing, we’re feeling a little cooped up in our houses. So that you don’t have any excuses to stay in, we’ve rounded up 5 cool things you can do for free right now that will make the end of the wintertime a little less excruciating and can even make you believe that spring is, in fact, on its way.


  1. Ferry ride to Staten Island

If you’re really into views and want a chance to see the Statue of Liberty up close without the hassle, this is for you. The Ferry to Staten Island is technically meant to transport you from Manhattan to the Island but it ended up being an attraction for sightseers to partake in. Beautiful Manhattan views and an up-close look at Lady Liberty make for a fantastic fun ride (and lots of Instagram moments). See their website here.


  1. Brooklyn Brewery Tours

This is the tour we’ve been dreaming of. Just a couple of subway stops into Brooklyn, take a free brewery tour in Williamsburg. There are tours every Saturday and Sunday on the hour from 1-5 and 1-4 respectively. Beer and good times – sounds like the right weekend plan for everyone. For more information click here.


  1. Chelsea Galleries

If art is your game then this is the plan for you. Take a tour of all the art galleries in the area and find out what’s new in the art world. Make it an afternoon since there are plenty of galleries in the two block areas. See more information here.


  1. High-Line

After you’re done hanging out in the galleries and you’re feeling like some fresh air, you must go to the High-Line. An abandoned elevated railroad track that overlooks Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen, this is also great for your Instagram feed with stunning views of the Hudson river and the neighborhood streets below. Find out more here.


  1. Governors Island

We might just be really into ferries, but count this as your first trip come spring. Take the free ferry to Governors Island and enjoy some sun. There’s mini-golf, bike paths, picnic areas, and lots of sightseeing. Governor’s Island also has a ghost town-feel considering the houses at Nolan Park are all empty. This one gives you something to look forward to as the weather gets warmer. See more here.

– By Camila Abisambra