5 Different Ways to Rock the ‘Chic Bun’


Hair can be pretty unpredictable sometimes; we all have our good hair days and our bad ones. On the days where your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate, throw it into a chic bun! Here are some ways to dress up this easy hair style to be appropriate for any occasion.

Add accessories:

Adding a clip, bow or even chopsticks gives your bun a little something extra to spice it up. It makes the quick hairdo look put together and purposeful.

Photo courtesy of brit.co

Make it neat:

Make it a sleek bun by using a sock or a donut hair accessory. This makes the bun classy and sophisticated; Its perfect for the office or an important event.

Photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Find your placement:

Play around with the placement of your bun until you fine the perfect spot that compliments your facial shape. High, middle and low buns all give off their own unique look.

Photo courtesy of buzznet.com

Add volume:

A little hair teasing never hurts. Take your Chic Bun to the next level with some body. This gives your bun a dramatic look.

Photo courtesy of pophaircuts.com

Throw in a Braid:

By adding a braid or a small twist, you transform your Chic Bun into a full on up-do.

Photo courtesy of therighthairstyle.com

-by Haylie Born