At Downtown Magazine, we love Honest Tea brand beverages for their delicious and organic take on kids’ juices, teas, refreshers and fizzy drinks. Now, we can love them for sports drinks too.

The brand, which which will turn 20 next year, has just released a new brand of sports drinks called Honest Sport. Never before has a line of fitness drinks like this hit the market. The electrolyte-packed drink is the only one that will replenish your body after a workout, with organic qualities. The Honest company was purchased by Coca Cola in 2011 and has continued to provide quality organic products since then.

Launch with Tracy Anderson

Downtown Magazine had the pleasure of attending the launch event for Honest Sport last Wednesday June 14 at the Tracy Anderson Studio on 59th Street. Tracy Anderson, the multi-platform fitness guru and entrepreneur, hosted a Q&A panel where she answered questions about fitness, balance, health and finding time to workout with a busy schedule.

Her method is beloved by hundreds of thousands of admirers, including notables like Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Katy Perry. After the panel, one of the studio’s trained fitness experts led a muscle-defining class via the Tracy Anderson method, followed by a tasting of the new Honest Sport.

Anderson partnered with Honest for the release of the new sports drink, which is on sale now in three flavors: Lemon, Berry and Orange. Downtown was pleased to get a first taste of the new beverage, which was delicious as well as hydrating and refueling. The new organic drink will give you an extra helping hand after your next workout, and is sure to please fitness enthusiasts.

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