Doe eyes, hooded eyes, round eyes, almond eyes, and everything in between, our eyes are conversational without ever saying a word. What if you could change the shape of your eyes to tell a different story?

Maybe you can’t actually change your eye shape, but you can make them appear smaller or larger, farther apart or closer together with a few eyeopening makeup tricks.

To make your eyes appear smaller: think dark cosmetics.

1. Pack on the darker eyeshadows on your eyelid and lower lash line. Colors such as browns, plum, and black should contrast your eyeball and overpower it, minimizing the shape.

2. Use a black pencil liner to line your water line and tight line. By doing this you’ll have minimized the surrounding natural, lighter pigments that contribute to large eyes.

3. Limit the amount of mascara you use. Mascara pulls the hairs upward making you appear more alert and awake. Only apply one or two coats for a minimal result.

To make your eyes appear bigger: think light cosmetics

1. Use shimmery, light eyeshadows on your eyelids. Unlike dark colors, the light colors won’t produce a smoky, or heavy affect.

2. Avoid using a dark pencil on your water line and tight line, instead, use a nude or white pencil. The similarity in color will give the illusion that your eye is bigger than it is.

3. Use a brow bone highlight. The light reflecting off of your brow bone will give a lifted effect.

4. Use a highlight to make the inner corners appear wider.

5. And of course, pack on the mascara. Nothing says wide eyed like multiple coats of mascara. It works wonders and determines the difference between looking sleepy or awake.


Photos: Courtesy of ealuxe.com/elle.com


By: Yasmine Rimawi

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